Fashion for Your Trose pic 1houghts was founded in Fall 2018 by Kaleigh Rose in hopes of creating a platform for artistic expression and inspiration- including fashion, film, theatre, literature, art, music, culture, and anything significant that this whirlwind of a life has to offer.

With her extensive fashion knowledge, firsthand experience on stages and film sets, pro-level nerd/ bookworm status, and an insatiable desire to learn more, live more, and love more, Kaleigh hopes to serve as your “friendly neighborhood trend-tracker/ superhero nerd”– an all-in-one source of fashion advice, artistic discussions, and the occasional ridiculous dork moments that may or may not make you laugh to the point of happy tears.

Ultimately, FFYT was created to help you feel confident in your own skin (and clothes), open your mind to new insights, inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and remind you that no matter what the trends may be, YOU will never go out of style.🖤