Heart, don’t fail me now…” because I just saw one of the most BEAUTIFUL shows of my life so far…!!!!!!

anastasia 8

When you get invited at the last minute to FRONT ROW SEATS (*so close I couldn’t even zoom out far enough to get a picture of the full backdrop) for the National Broadway Tour of ANASTASIA at Pittsburgh’s beautiful Benedum theater, you throw on your “Together in Paris” locket that you’ve had since you were 4 and GO FROM THERE.

*Photo Credit: Fox Animation Studios

I have been obsessed with the music and this story since I was a little girl, and I STIIIILLLL cannot fully express just how full my heart is from seeing the Broadway version of the show in person.

*Photo Credit: Anastasia Broadway

The performances were absolutely PHENOMENAL all around (*Gleb was and always will be my favorite though— @jasonmichaelevans thank you for your heart-wrenching portrayal, you were incredible!!). The costumes and scenery were absolutely STUNNING, I actually cried a little lot. THANK YOU to the entire cast, crew, and orchestra for this beautiful piece of art— it was a Journey to the Past that I’ll never forget!

anastasia 4

… And YES I tried to style my hair like OG Anya from the animated movie because I’m a dork like that don’t @ me. :p

*How I Dressed Like Anastasia (If I Can Learn To Do It, You Can Learn To Do It 😉 )  :

  • Burgundy Embellished Velvet Dress- Hot Topic
  • Black Velvet Shrug- Buckle
  • Black Faux Leather Platform Lace-Up Ankle Booties: Charlotte Russe
  • Victorian Knee-Sock Tights- Hot Topic
  • Black Ribbon Choker- Target
  • Long Gold Beaded Gem Necklace- Altar’d State 
  • Ruby Earrings- *Random resale find!
  • “Together In Paris” Locket- *Came with my Anastasia doll when I was 4 :p


I hope you all have a chance to see this gorgeous show (and dress like a long-lost princess)! 😉




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