The year is 2018: there is a crisp November chill in the air (with a hint of pumpkin spice and a small large dose of climate change); businesses are buckling down to reveal their greatest sales of the season, fanny packs are cool again, we’re still fighting for equality, and everyone is gearing up to spend and save in order to get the best merchandise for the lowest prices, with the the ultimate trifecta of goals being: spend the least, get the most, and don’t get trampled at Walmart (*trust me, you don’t want that to be your permanent haunting place– the lighting alone is ATROCIOUS. ***Side note: Rest in peace to all of the souls lost /injured on this day. Please keep in mind that kindness is key, and NO PRODUCT IS WORTH THE LIFE OF ANOTHER LIVING CREATURE, OK?! Ok).

Now, those of you who know me personally also know that I’ve never really been a fan of this day (working in retail for most of your young adult life will harden your little “fashionista” soul like that), BUT, as a newly christened “fashion blogger,” I felt it was my duty to bestow some shopping tips and tricks upon you to help you and your fellow shoppers have a safe and pleasant purchasing experience. After all, this is the “Season of Giving,” is it not?  😉

So have no fear, my friends, because I have researched and curated my picks for some of the BEST Black Friday deals for this upcoming weekend, and I’m here to share my “survival guide” of sorts to hopefully help you come out on the other side feeling frugal, stylish, and, most importantly, ALIVE.

*Photo Credit: I do not own this photo. Credit goes to The Walking Dead!

First and foremost, you need to build an arsenal with your “weapons of choice”: your phone, your wallet (stocked with your credit/debit cards & cash, of course), your laptop, and, if you plan on doing any online shopping (*and if you’re an extreme introvert like me), an Ebates account.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ebates essentially serves as a tool to find the greatest sales for all of your favorite brands, while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to get some cash back (you automatically are guaranteed to receive $10 cash back with your first purchase after signing up– *cue 2004 Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?“)!!! #TickTockTickTockTickTock

I know, I know, it sounds WAY too good to be true, but I can personally attest to its brilliance, and if my “witch’s honor” isn’t enough to convince you, you can read more about the details here.

shopocalypse 2

A few more survival tips before we head to the front lines:

  • If you (or whoever is meant to provide the transportation) is still intoxicated from the holiday evening’s festivities, DO NOT get in the car. Make sure you are able-bodied and stable-minded to transport yourself- and anyone else who is accompanying you- safely to your destination. I will reiterate this again: yes the sales are great, but they are NOT worth the life of another living soul. Be careful, and be smart.
  • STAY HYDRATED (bring a water bottle with you).
  • Wear sensible, CLOSE- TOED shoes.
  • Stay energized (having a couple protein bars tucked away wouldn’t be the worst idea).
  • Keep your valuables in a secure place (a fanny pack honestly may be your best bet– plus, as I said, they are on-trend right now :p ).
  • If you’re shopping with someone, try to stay together; getting separated amongst the coupon-crazed hordes is never fun. Also, if you are bringing children with you, never let them out of your sight.
  • Go to the bathroom before you leave for your shopping expedition– the mall restrooms will be a nightmare.
  • Don’t forget your wallet/ money/ giftcards.
  • Don’t forget your phone.
  • Don’t forget that all of the employees assisting you with your purchases had to leave their loved ones to help you with your shopping experience. Give them your respect, and BE KIND DAMMIT.
  • Don’t forget to thank your family for the beautiful meal they prepared for you a few hours ago, and always remember to say “I love you.”

How to Survive the “SHOP-ocalypse”:

Buy More, Spend Less, Don’t Be An A**hole

*cue the creepy violin theme from The Walking Dead’s opening credits* 


  • 70% OFF of pots, pans, & more select styles such as Tools of the Trade and Belgique
  • $149.99 Culinary Science 14-Piece Cookware Set (Reg. Price $349.99)
  • 70% OFF of the Martha Stewart Collection Enameled Cast Iron
  • $129.99 Belgique 11-Pc Cookware Set (Reg. Price $299.99)
  • 20% + EXTRA 20% OFF select brands of blenders, juicers, & espresso makers
  • 65% OFF select Holiday ornaments and dinnerware
  • $29.99 sheet sets, 950 thread count (Reg. Price $170 – $190)
  • $17.99 3-Pc comforter sets (Reg. Price $80)
  • 70% OFF select bedding essentials
  • $279 Queen Beds select styles (Reg. Price $499 – $599)
  • 35% – 65% OFF Mattresses select styles




  • $199.99 Shark ION Robot Vacuum (Reg. Price $349.99)
  • $219.99 KitchenAid Professional 5  qt. mixer (Reg. Price $449.99)
  • $124.99 Nespresso Vertuo Plus (limited edition bundle) (Reg. Price $249.99)
  • $10 select kitchen appliances




  • $20 OFF Goodyear tires (plus FREE lifetime tire balance & rotation at $12 value per tire)



  • 60% – 65% OFF select luggage brands (such as Delsey & Samsonite)- Macy’s
  • $48 Skyline 5-Pc Luggage Set (Reg. Price $99.99)- Target
  • $48 Protege 5-Pc Luggage Set- Walmart
  • Up to 70% OFF + FREE Shipping- Overstock



  • $199 – $329 Apple Watch Series 3 (Reg. Price $279 – $409) – Macy’s
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone8, or iPhone X FREE *with qualified activation on Verizon,Sprint, and AT&T- Target 
  • $199.99 SONY PlayStation 4 Spider-Man Bundle w/ wireless controller (Reg. Price $299.99)- Target 


  • $399.99 DELL Touch-screen Laptop (Reg. Price $599.99)
  • 50% OFF select SONY, Polk, & Klipsch speakers



  • $15 & Under Gifts (including select brands such as Clinique, Tarte, & Urban Decay)- Macy’s
  • $65 Lancome Beauty Box (with any Lancome purchase of $35 +)- Macy’s 
  • BOGO 50% OFF all cosmetic, beauty, & personal care sets- Target 

90s Ulta Lede

  • $15 Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow palette (Reg. Price $29)
  • $19.50 Morphe Vegan Brush Set (Reg. Price $39)
  • $25 Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow palette (Reg. Price $54)
  • 30% OFF Bio Iconic brand




  • $6.99 select Blu-Ray + Digital movies
  • $19.99 – $29.99 select video games
  • $14.99 select 4K Ultra HD movies
  • $3.99 – $9.99 select DVDs


  • Buy One Get One 50% OFF select toys, games, & puzzles
  • 50% OFF Teen/ Young Adult Bestsellers
  • 50% OFF Young Reader Bestsellers
  • 50% OFF Gift Books
  • 50% OFF Collectible Editions
  • 50% OFF Picture Books
  • 50% Guinness & Ripley’s Exclusives
  • $10 Holiday Picture Books
  • 50% OFF select Blu-Ray/ DVDs
  • 50% OFF select TV Favorites
  • $5 Stocking Stuffers



  • 30% OFF select designer watches
  • 75% OFF Sterling Silver jewelry
  • 40% OFF Diamond jewelry



Menswear: macys

  • 60% – 65% OFF select designer dress shirts & tees
  • 50%- 60% OFF select styles of men’s shoes
  • 40% OFF men’s underwear
  • 50% OFF men’s loungewear
  • $199.99 designer suiting
  • $99.99 suiting, sport coats, & overcoats
  • 50% OFF designer collections
  • 60% OFF select designer ties
  • 25% OFF of The North Face select styles
  • 40% OFF of Levi’s select styles
  • 60% OFF select outerwear styles


Kid’s & Baby:macys

  • 60% OFF select styles
  • 50% kids underwear & socks
  • 60% OFF kid’s pajamas
  • 50% OFF Levi’s select styles


Women’s/Junior’s Fashion:


  • 30% – 50% OFF select designer contemporary looks
  • 50% OFF sweaters & sweatshirts
  • $19.99 Juniors jeans (Reg. Price $44 – $49)
  • $19.99 Juniors sweaters & jackets (Reg. Price $39 – $49)
  • 60% OFF select Junior coats
  • 65% OFF select bra styles
  • 30% – 50% select boot styles
  • 30% OFF select dresses
  • 60% OFF select designer coats
  • 40 % OFF select shoes & boots
  • 50% OFF select handbags & wallets
  • 25% OFF Calvin Klein select undergarments
  • 25% OFF The North Face select styles
  • 40% OFF Levi’s select styles
  • 50% OFF select Faux Fur & Shearling coats


  • Currently offering 40-80% OFF of everything site-wide (as of 11/21/18)



  • UPDATE: American Eagle is offering select flannels, sweaters, & fleece for $25 in stores & online;  aerie is offering a 10 for $35 undies promotion.



  • Currently offering 50% OFF of EVERYTHING, plus FREE SHIPPING!


  • Looks to be offering up to 60% OFF select styles store-wide!



  • Currently offering 50% OFF Party Looks & 30% OFF All Sweaters (as of 11/20/18), and up to 80% OFF Doorbusters.



  • Currently has deals such as Buy Two, Get One FREE Tee (as of 11/21/18)



  • Currently offering 25% OFF of Fan Club Collection select styles (*ONLINE ONLY)



  • UPDATE: offering an Extra 25% OFF select styles!!





For more in-depth information about all of the different Black Friday deals, check out the following websites:

Best Black Friday

Ebates Black Friday Ads

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Macy’s  Black Friday

Target Black Friday

Walmart Black Friday

ULTA Beauty Black Friday

Best Buy Black Friday

Barnes & Noble Black Friday

Overstock Black Friday

ModCloth Black Friday

Express Black Friday

Nordstrom Black Friday

Forever 21 Black Friday

Hot Topic Black Friday

DICK’s Sporting Goods Black Friday

Nike Black Friday

shopocalypse 8-resize

**ALSO, don’t forget to support your favorite local shops for Small Business Saturday on November 24th!!!**

***And if none of these sales entice you, there’s always Cyber Monday, November 26th to look forward to (a.k.a. an introverted shop-oholic’s dream come true :p)!!! ***

If you have any shopping tips that I missed, please feel free to share your thoughts! Knowledge is power and we are stronger in numbers! 😉

I hope you all have a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving– I’m so grateful for you & your support!

Best of luck out there– I hope you find what you’re looking for! 🖤

shopocalypse 1

May the sales be ever in your favor.

*Photo Credit: I do not own this photo. Credit goes to The Hunger Games!




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