“they can hand us folded dresses.
  they can gift us virgin wings.
  they can force on us their names.
  they can lock us in small rooms.
  they can thieve our words.
  they can attempt to take our choices, too.
  but one thing they can never steal?
  this fierce determination.

  – what june taught me.”

(* poem by Amanda Lovelace from The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One, homage to The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood).

girls bite back-handmaidens tale 7

There’s something about binge-watching a show all about oppression and overcoming the most hopeless and wretched of obstacles that puts you in an extremely rebellious mood… and an extremely rebellious outfit to go with it (*I would have been executed for wearing this if I were a character in the world of the show. Think about that).

girls bite back-handmaidens tale 2
*What I’m Wearing: Red Lace Robe- Fashion Nova; Black Faux Leather Crop Top- Charlotte Russe; Snake Ring- Body Central

The Handmaid’s Tale is both disturbing and inspiring. Disturbing in the sense that a bunch of self-righteous white supremacists with a ton of weapons they shouldn’t even have take over the country and rebuild it in their creepy religious image and use that as an excuse to torture, abuse, rape, and murder any and everyone who deviates from their standard of “perfection” (hm, sound familiar?). Inspiring because even when faced with this horrible new reality, the handmaids- especially June/ “Offred”- and various other oppressed people being punished for being “different” find ways to rise up, rebel, fight, resist, and persist in order to not only survive each day, but to sustain the hope of a future where they can actually LIVE their lives again.

girls bite back-handmaidens tale 6
*Photo Credit: The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

I loved the book, and now I’m in love with show- I encourage you all to read/watch this story. Keep your eyes open. Remember that we don’t belong to those who spread hatred in the disguise of “God’s grace”- or any other cult/religious garbage that spews out of their mouths. Your body is YOURS. Your voice is YOURS. Your mind is YOURS. Your life is YOURS. They don’t own us. Keep fighting. Keep loving. And don’t let the bastards grind you down, because GIRLS BITE BACK.

girls bite back-handmaidens tale 4
*What I’m Wearing: Black Faux Leather Jacket & Choker- Target; “Girls Bite Back” Tee- Charlotte Russe



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