Being a Pittsburgh local, I have access to some really great live theatre, and Comtra Theatre’s rendition of Green Day’s American Idiot Broadway musical was no exception!!

american idiot 5

Believe it or not, American Idiot was my very first rock album; I was in 7th grade (*I know,  that’s really late to finally get a rock album, but alas, my parents basically raised me on Disney soundtracks– DON’T JUDGE ME), and I was absolutely in love with “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” so when it came time for my birthday, I *specifically* requested the unabridged β€œexplicit” edition of Green Day’s American Idiot (a.k.a. I wanted the version with the “F” word :p )- much to my mother’s chagrin.

*Photo Credit: Green Day

When I finally got the CD, I of course blasted it on my little boom box NONSTOP.  My siblings thought I was a badass. My friends thought I was “cool” (for the time being). My parents thought I needed an exorcism (lol jk, jk– that was when I laughed in church. Oops. But that’s a story for another time…).  ANYWAY, my point is, this album helped me grow into who I’ve become today, and served as a healthy catharsis for the anxious, raging, turbulently- depressing teen angst that would plague me for the rest of my adolescence (and still occasionally haunts me to this day). 

When the Broadway version premiered, I was a broke(n) 16 year old (in her teen-angst PRIME, mind you), and had no hope of seeing the show at the time (especially when my mom had zero interest in spending money on a Green Day- inspired rock opera– *side note: she loves the music now, I have converted her :p). So when I saw that there would be a local run of performances in Pittsburgh, I DID NOT HESITATE to get my ticket!!!

*Photo Credit: Green Day

The show was intimate, rejuvenating, breathtaking, and beyond inspiring. It was exactly what I needed in my life right now- especially with all of the tragedies and political turmoil currently scourging the country/world. The energy from all of the actors practically gave me life. They thrashed, belted, stomped, screamed, and danced their hearts out– there was not a single dull moment in the entire 2 hour performance. The costumes were simple but significantly detailed. The space was strategically utilized. The choreography was exactly how the music makes your body want to move when you listen to it. The lighting was simplistic but profound (I’m lookin’ at you, Whatsername balcony/ St. Jimmy angelic moments), and the sound was clear and heart-pounding. All of this I’m sure was achieved by meticulous (and flawless) direction; the careful attention to detail did not go unnoticed.

american idiot 1

The final verdict?

My soul was ELECTRIFIED by this show.

Thank you to everyone who brought it to life, it will resonate with me forever. πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ’‹πŸ–€

And now…


american idiot 7

*American Idiot runs from now through November 17th! You can get your tickets here.

*How I Dressed Like An American Idiot:

  • “Sarcasm” tee by Blackcraft Cult- Hot Topic
  • Black Faux Leather Jacket- Target
  • Black Ripped Denim Skinny Jeans- Express
  • Lace/Faux Leather Bralette- Adore Me
  • Black Diamond-Studded Choker- Hot Topic
  • Heart/Cross/Pearl Tri-Ring- Forever 21
  • Red Heart/Cross Earrings- Hot Topic
  • Black Beaded Heart Bracelet- Claire’s
  • Lace/Faux Leather Knee Socks- Fashion Nova
  • Faux Leather/Lace Heart Fingerless Gloves- Amazon 
  • Black Studded Wedge Ankle Booties- *Random resale find!


I hope you all have a chance to experience this amazing piece of art!

And always remember to stay rebellious– having a rebel heart will never go out of style!




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